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Red Titi (Callicebus discolor)

Observed: 15th June 2005 By: Rags

this monkey was seen for sale in belen market, Peru.
Can anyone help with an ID please.

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Red titi monkey

There are at least two species of monkey known as red titi, Callicebus cupreus and Callicebus discolor. This is C. discolor, note the white band above the eyes and the pale, two-tone, fur on the back. Though you can not see it, it will have had a white tail which is another English name for this monkey - white-tailed titi.

If you put up another identification, changing the scientific name I'll agree to it.

These animals carry local protection and I suspect it was perfectly legal, though morally objectionable, for it to be sold in the market. However, it is protected under appendix II of CITES making it illegal to export without a license. IUCN do not consider it to be threatened.

Graham Banwell

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