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There are three individuals in these photos (the bottom two pictures show the same vole, which appeared to be smaller/younger than the others).

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Bank vole

I'd also go for bank vole on the basis of tail length (more that 1/3 of body length) and reddish colouration on head and shoulders.

Gill Sinclair
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Thanks for your help. I

Thanks for your help. I always seem to get these two species mixed up (some voles I've seen in the past have had a similar colouration to the ones in these photos and they were identified as Field Voles - admittedly, the tail length was shorter in my earlier observations!)

Regarding the tail length - is it the length in comparison to the body when the vole is at rest or when the creature is stretching?

We have a lot of voles in the garden at the moment and they're seen at all times of the day. We regularly see them as we're having breakfast and then in the afternoon and early evening too.

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I think it's just tail length

I think it's just tail length relative to the body when the vole is at rest. I have of course been caught out by bank voles that have had their tails nipped off by predators, but thankfully the field voles haven't yet got into having tail extensions. And there are always slight colour variations, but taken together I'd say tail length and coat colour indicate bank vole here.

You are very lucky to have voles in your garden and be able to watch them - I just have a house mouse/mice living under the footpath near the bird feeders.

Gill Sinclair
OU Certificate in Contemporary Science
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Thanks for the info!

Thanks for the useful information and for positively identifying these as Bank Voles.

Yes, we are fortunate to be able to watch voles in the garden. We live in a fairly rural area and some of the voles have become quite tame in the past. They soon run for cover when birds fly overhead or walk past them though!

Someone has been nibbling my mum's raspberries and other fruit and I suspect that voles may be the culprits. Luckily there are plenty of berries this year so we can spare some!

House Mice are fascinating too. I feed some mice in an outbuilding and enjoy watching them.