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Observed: 26th January 2006 By: Love2fish

This fungus is quite large in comparison to most found in the forests around here. Approx. 12" in diameter, and 5-6" high, it's growing next to a driveway in the woods.


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Date observed

26th January 2006
Don't know exactly how we came by this "Date Observed", but it is way off.
Was observed June 2011


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Meripilus giganteus - The Giant Polypore

This is not Grifola frondosa but The Giant Polypore, Merpilus giganteus. This species is more likely to be seen at this time of year as opposed to Grifolawhich is more of an early autumn/autumn species. Grifola also has much smaller pilei (caps)than those shown in this picture of Meripilus.

Andy Overall

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At only 12" across for the

At only 12" across for the whole fruitbody it is fairly small Andy. Each cap must only be 10cm. I would have expected a fresh Meripilus to have much thicker lobes at this stage. I would bow to your greater experience though so put up a new identification.