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Little Grebe

Observed: 7th January 2010 By: tmt53
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Little grebe 1
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Well done for being able to

Well done for being able to capture a photo of a little grebe, everytime I try to they always sem to dive beneath the surface.

Carwyn Lee :)

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Name change and distribution

My initial thought for the Latin name was Podiceps ruficollis, which probably dates me. Is there a decent and easily understood source that gives new names and reasons for change (in a way that is fairly easy to understand)?

BTO seem to be interested in their distribution at the moment, particularly on minor waters, so more records could be useful for the new atlas.

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Little Grebe

Sorry cann't help you on a source that gives the reason for changing the Latin name. My field guides from 1990 gave Tachybaptus ruficollis, however I have a guide from 1960's that shows it has Podiceps ruficollis. When the change was made I'm not sure. Interestingly all the other European grebes still start with Podiceps.