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Nectaring chimney sweepers

Observed: 24th June 2011 By: dpt27dpt27’s reputation in Invertebratesdpt27’s reputation in Invertebratesdpt27’s reputation in Invertebrates
Nectaring chimney sweepers

A very nice day today, warmer than it has been. The meadow was alive with Ringlets and these chaps. Yesterday there was only a handful of them (Ringlets) but today with the weather improvement it was a different story, there were hundreds of them, the meadow was moving and not with the wind. I am as sure as I can be the flower is White Clover ( Trifolium repens )

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Awesome shot!

In my experience these day-flying moths can be tricky to get close to. You are either skillful/lucky - or perhaps both but hats off for a top shot!

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Great picture!

Great picture!

Graeme Davis

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I have had no luck getting picture's of these chap's,so I have resorted to buying a butterfly/insect net yesterday off the internet.I know it is not as nice as a true natural picture, but I am starting to become obsessed about a photo.


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Thanks All, There were

Thanks All,
There were actually four on the one plant, though the shot wasn't as clear. I too carry a butterfly net, though only for i.d purposes.
I'm lucky. These fellows always seem so pre- occupied in feeding, they don't seem bothered I'm there.