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Fallow Deer

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Hoped to see Fallow Deer with young 'uns before I began my walk in the New Forest with my dad today. I was not disappointed...though one question sprang to mind. Why are there no pubs called the White Doe? Lovely to see though. The nearest thing we have in the UK to the antelopes of the Serengeti!

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White fallow

In some parks there are whole herds of white fallow deer. They are a variety and not albino; they can pop up in any herd. Stalkers call then 'Judas' deer because they make the herd very noticeable.

As for pub signs; there is the White Hart, a common name. Though hart should refer to red deer there are some signs which show white fallow deer. For example these two I found on Google:

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My comment about the pub sign...

...refers to the fact that the pubs are either 'White Hart' or 'White Buck'. They never seem to refer to the female of the species. All very sexist if you ask me! ;)