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Observed: 5th January 2010 By: foxyfoxy’s reputation in Birdsfoxy’s reputation in Birds

Light brown blackbird sized bird,speckled breast buff brown underwings.Sitting on telephone wire before descending to eat cotoneaster berries.Very musical call when singing.

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Buff Underwings

Buff underwings in flight provide the distinction between Song and Mistle thrushes


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Yes they do, but the

Yes they do, but the underwing is not visible in the pics. The spots look too round for ST, the grey edges to the wing feathers are typical of MT, and the fact it was singing in January is also a pointer to MT.

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Yet another redwing?

The eye stripe doesn't fit with mistle thrush and breast doesn't look white enough to me. Song thrushes have been really puffed up recently and I've often had to have a second look. If a buff underwing was seen, we need to trust the observation and exclude mistle thrush.

At first I thought the reddish tinge might be due to low winter sun, but the other possibility has to be redwing as there has been such an influx. Song thrush would have a paler buff than the redder (surprise, surprise) underwing of redwing.

It needs to be Foxy's call as he has seen the whole bird in motion.

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There is no indication of any

There is no indication of any Redwing-like eyestripe (see the several recent pics of these). The head is exactly the head of a MT. Redwing does not have a song anything like that described. A field obs of a buff underwing does not cancel all the verifiable features in the pics. It is a MT.

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My call ?

Well my first choice was mistle thrush,the low morning sun gives it a very reddish tinge and I"m certain its not a Redwing.It did sing beautifully over several days as it maintained guard over a particular cotoneaster shrub which nothing else approached whether through fear of cats or of this particular bird.
I pored over my guide book for a long time and chose song thrush because of the buff colouring on underwing but this could be trick of light.I have posted another observation from other end of garden where about a dozen thrushes ate every berry in sight with the help of several blackbirds,this bird seemed different and did not ever join them as far as I could see.


sorry I cant be of more help,

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