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Red Ants

Observed: 24th June 2011 By: TrinityTrinity’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Larger than your average red ant workers, but none the less the bite on my toe still felt the same and is still aching now!!!!!! Decided to let them move their nest before I mowed over it...

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Yes, I apologise for the

Yes, I apologise for the quality of picture, the camera I was using isn't particularly great at close-ups.... They are definitely ants, and very obviously red ones, they packed a hell of a bite when I disturbed the nest, I've never known black ants to bite..... I look further,... if they appear in the garden this year which I'm sure they will, I'll try and get another piccy... xxx


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All ant species do bite, but

All ant species do bite, but myrmica a renowned for being especially aggresive.