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Making a Green Garden

I try to make my garden a green garden. Where I live many like gardens, but some prefer to pave them and trees are perhaps considered in the way at times. Yet it is an estate lined with trees and one of the greenish places in the city. In spring when the cherry blossom is blooming there is no finer place in England. Yet many do not see the wood for the trees so to speak.
I have many types of tree in my garden and try to make it a haven for wildlife. Being a Tree Warden I observe other areas of the city and find that sometimes there is an inbalance regarding green issues-as long as trees for example grown eslewhere away from building -roots etc, there is no problem.
Few people realize that trees oxygenate the atmosphere therefore are health giving to all generations.



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Trees area very under rated

Trees area very under rated resource in some places. I work in Chapeltown Leeds and am amazed at the number of people who approach me asking to remove them from communal areas or back gardens. It drives me mad. They make the area majestic bringing the country side right into the heart of the city (In my humble opinion). I wish I had space for more in my garden.

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wildlife gaedens

I have just found out that my area is included in the NORTH so very wide geographical area.I am a retired Landscape gardener but I only planted wildlife gardens and never used chemicals,which was unusual in the 80's and 90's so was classed as odd when turning down paving job's,spraying or removing tree's. I always said that you should look at a plant and see how many positives it has (good for nesting bird's,seed's for bird's,attracts insect's) if you have these then plant it.I think people are too obsessed with tidiness and big showy flowers.I agree with Roger we should all make space for some form of water supply a rough area with a few wild native flower's and a tree of some description preferably a one that supplies fruit,there are some excellent dwarf or weeping Sorbus species out now.I also think you need to have at least one plant that is in flower for each month of the year which is possible and don't use chemicals or you ruin all your hard work.I know how you feel David when people ask you to remove tree's all I can say is that they must be so detached from nature and don't know what there missing as nature is so calming and if I had to live were there were no tree's I would not be living.


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A pond -

is really important if you can fit one in. There is lots of advice on how to do this, but the essentials are:
Don't use tap water
Gently sloping sides (or a ramp made of wood or plastic held down at one end by a stone)
No alien species
Some children have a death wish, and appear able to drown themselves in a teaspoon of water - if toddlers are around, beware.
A few old porcelain sinks, plug-holes blocked, (with ramps as described) can be dotted around even a small garden.

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Water Butt

I have set up a water butt made from a recycled water tank in a concrete front garden that has been drilled a bit. It has a sloping downspout flowing in and a storm water channel running round two sides. Jumping spiders love the mosquito lava. Frogs can get in and out if they want to and birds can settle on the downspout if the bird feeder is the wrong side of the house for them.