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Flavoparmelia caperata

Observed: 28th December 2009 By: lpearcelpearce’s reputation in Fungi and Lichenslpearce’s reputation in Fungi and Lichenslpearce’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Diploicia canescens

Not too sure about this. I was only able to take a quick photo so identification attempted only using this photograph.


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Did you check Flavoparmelia

Did you check Flavoparmelia as I think that's a possible ID?

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We were on a family visit so did not take the K & C chemicals or books with me, I would be happier to have seen chemical reactions, and had time to see the under side of the thallus.

Over the holiday my grandchildren were told ' don't worry granddad is odd he often stands in parks staring at tree trunks and rocks!!!

I am back home now so able to look at my Frank Dobson's 'Lichens' and can see that you (as always) are right it could well be Flavoparmelia.
I think it it might be F. caperata.

Les Pearce
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My grandson announced a

My grandson announced a couple of years ago that I wasn't a responsible enough adult to be in charge of him - he had two wellington boots full of water at the time.......

It's the strangers in the streets that ask 'are you alright dear?' as I circumnavigate tree trunks with my nose to the bark (so I can manage to see the very small lichens) that make me realise I've definitely got odder with age!