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Fox and cat behaviour

Observed: 13th January 2010 By: MeadowgateMeadowgate’s reputation in MammalsMeadowgate’s reputation in Mammals

Fox in school car park was following the lead of a cat in coming towards a person when the cat was encouraged to come over. This behaviour was repeated when some one returned to the car park with a camera.

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Interesting behaviour, I wonder if it has had close contact with humans before, perhaps it is a rehabilitated animal?

I doubt it would be so hungery as to overcome a truely wild foxes fear of humans. I can't see much of the body to fully judge it's condition, however, from what I can see it looks healthy enough. A sick fox often has a drawn, thin appearance, this one is chubby around the face.

As a sideline, notice how it is placing its feet, one in front of the other forming a set of prints in a straight line. This is what a number of recent observations on iSpot of fox prints in the snow have shown.

Graham Banwell

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Thanks for the comment. The animal was in good condition. The area where the photograph was taken is very urban and therefore the fox would be very used to people although still very wary of them. I am certain that it would not be rehabilitated and released in this urban environment. The following evening I saw it again with the same (large) cat. They were laying together under a bench!