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Observed: 22nd June 2011 By: Phil Cook

Droppings found in the morning inside gates of our fenced garden. Previous droppings of similar appearance have been seen but usually slightly smaller but always tending towards light grey or white in parts. Appears to contain fur. Foxes have been sighted in the high street of our village but I've not seen one in our road in the 8 years we've lived here.

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Bird droppings

The one on the right is a bird's droppings (guano), note all the white streaks these are uric acid deposits.

The one on the left is a bird pellet. It is hard to say which without knowing what is in it. If you have the opportunity to collect it; soak it in water for a few seconds then tease it apart and photograph the contents. From that I may be able to tell the prey and hence the bird. My first suspect is kestrel. The size would be about right and also the position by a fence post.

Generally if it is an owl pellet then there will be identifyable bones including skulls; if another bird of prey then the bones will be broken and crushed.

Graham Banwell

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