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Large Purpley Black Beetle

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Mystery Beetle

The Tyne Rivers Trust had our consultants APEM carry out some walkover surveys of many of the rivers in the Tyne catchment. This beetle was photographed high up in the hills past Otterburn. It looks quite impressive and i'd love to know it's name and it's rareity. If there are any helpful Coleoptera entemologists out there.

Many Thanks, Paul (Tyne Rivers Trust)

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Dor beetle

It's a Dor beetle, Geotrupes sp., but there's 6 or so very similar species, and the identifying marks are on the underside, and quite small & well-hidden, and can only be seen with any degree of certainty on an actual specimen. These beetles feed on dung, and the more widespread species are relatively common.

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dor beetles

See some of the previous discussion of these beetles on iSpot:

They're intriguing beetles, and always catch people's interest, but not easy to identify to species.

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