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Observed fox run

Observed: 22nd June 2011 By: hc3759
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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 Observed fox run

I was suprised to observe a fox use the run at 09.40 am.

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Why were..........

Why were you suprised?


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9.40 am fox

I was suprised because the fox that sits in my drive and winds up my dog chooses 04.30 am.
Another fox I observed at a 21.40pm dusk.Another at pub closing time !

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Urban foxes can be seen at any time of day I believe. It's only rural foxes that stick to more nocturnal hours.


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Unlike badgers, foxes tend not to have specific routes, they follow the line of least resistance; most often runs made by badgers, rabbits etc. . . especially rabbits!

This is just the easiest way through the fence line I suspect.

Badgers on the other hand follow traditional routes and if a blockage appears they just barge through, under or over it. Only if this is impossible will they deviate to find another way round.

Graham Banwell

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