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Uncertain (22 Jun)
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Come on then!

Why isn't it a Rustic?!

I hate these (or, maybe, I really like them...?), as I am never sure which is which. Not so bad this early in the season, but give it a couple of weeks, when both are around, and it is anyone's guess, unless you are into genitalia. But they are meant to be tricky, too?

I think you are right on this one, but if anyone has a magic wand for this pair, then let us know.


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Come on then!

I hate them too! Hence 'it might be this' my mates here tell me it's too early for Rustic - also I've not had Rustic here (Plympton), genitalia - no thanks, means killing them and I don't like that either. Also is it Rustic that has been split into other species? Making it even harder!

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I agreed with Uncertain for a

I agreed with Uncertain for a couple of reasons - firstly the date, which is right for Uncertain but early for Rustic, and partly from the general appearance - Uncertain has clear markings including distinct crosslines, bright stigmata and a diffuse grey arch between the reniform stigma on each wing. Rustic tends to be a much duller, less contrasty species.

It's not visible here, but the hindwing is also a useful feature - greyish in Rustic, brownish in Uncertain.

Rustic hasn't been split as far as I know - I suspect you're thinking of the Common Rustic/Lesser Common Rustic/Remm's Rustic trio (or possibly the splitting of H-form Burnished Brass)

Record your ladybird sightings!

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Hi Rimo,
Thanks for the comments and help, yep I was thinking of trio you mentioned, I thought I had Burnished Brass sussed and then....