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Sonchus? It is 2.8 metres high.

Observed: 19th June 2011 By: andrewdavid68
Sonchus?  2.8 metres high.
Sonchus?  2.8 metres high. 1
Sonchus?  2.8 metres high. 1 2
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Perhaps its vigour is due to all the wine being made.


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Mmmm - I think we may have some of those round here - need to go and check whether they're this or L serriola (I really must make sure I read the descriptions as well as looking at the pictures - this one isn't illustrated in the book I was using). Mind you, it says 'to 200cm' - these are very big ones. Must be good wine.

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Fantastic! Thanks very much for such a quick and accurate id. Yes, the wine might also explain why I'm 6'5" I suppose...