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Observed: 22nd June 2011 By: dpt27dpt27’s reputation in Invertebratesdpt27’s reputation in Invertebratesdpt27’s reputation in Invertebrates
Ringlet butterflies

Caught this wee / medium fellow trying to warm up on another "beautiful" (I wish), wet, mid summers morning. P*****g down with rain. Strange, as yesterday the conditions were very similar, when I went looking for them and found absolutely zip, nada, none, zero. This morning has made up for it though, showing me its full beauty.
The meadow was full of Chimney sweeper moths, I thought this looked fairly similar, though it was decidedly larger, was brown and had spots (faint). So nothing like it then, lol.
It did not seem to care too much for the moths and chased them off, if they came to close. Just as well I'm not a moth then or there would be no shot.

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