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Hoverfly on a Dog Rose

Observed: 4th June 2011 By: susie acott
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Hoverfly on a Dog Rose

Several were seen in this hedgerow particularly on the Cow Parsley and dog Rose.

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Many thanks for your expertise on many of my observations. As I am new to this subject you provide very helpful information. However I couldn't understand your comments on my Scorpion fly.
Thank you once again.


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Scorpion fly

If that was the one on a thistle, then the point was that you can only identify these from a picture from above. Your picture was from the side.

Scorpion flies can only be identified if they are a male, with a 'sting'. Males hold their genital capsule up, forward, above their body. That exposes the ventral side, which happens to hold the differentiating signs.

[Females cannot de done without dissection]

A good place to check this out is...

The Topsham interesting site, which hopefully will be picked up again soon.

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scorpian fly

Many thanks, a much kinder reply from you and I will look on the website you suggested and study the information you provided. Nice to have a mentor at my amateur stage!!