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Observed: 3rd January 2010 By: madasyernanmadasyernan’s reputation in Birdsmadasyernan’s reputation in Birdsmadasyernan’s reputation in Birds
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Help with id please. I think this bird is part of the Motacillidae family. Its colouring is very different to the Pied wagtails that are in abundance here.

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Pied/White Wagtail has

Pied/White Wagtail has various plumages (all white/grey/black combos) across its range and between sexes and ages. I think this is a 1st winter (juvenile) bird.

Rob Coleman

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Thank you

It stood out amongst all the pied wagtails. Think it was the very pale yellow that threw me.

Sam, Student.

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Juveniles can show quite a lot of buff/yellow colour.

I agree with Rob; This is a Pied Wagtail (Montacilla alba yarrellii), and is most likely a first winter bird. Some juveniles can appear very buff or yellow underneath, particularly on the face.