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Struggling to identify this catapillar!? .

Hi folks,

Found this little fella on my Cherry Blossom tree yesterday, he fell off. I photographed it and put it back. He had the most amazing vampiric style face. He was completly camouflaged against the bark of the tree, he looks identical to a twig, greyish brown, mottled and twiggy. He also appeared inteligent, following the camera. I have a photo if i can post it that would be great if someone can tell me how to do that as new to forum,

thank's Esme



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Twig like Caterpillar

Hi, am new here too, if after clicking on add observation u click on attach photo I think on the right hand side that should do it...

Your caterpillar sounds great theres a few things it could be but I would take a punt at a Brimstone Moth caterpillar! (A bit of a guess b4 seeing picture but as it was on Cherry could be.

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