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Green faeces,mammal or bird

Observed: 18th June 2011 By: par324
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Light green coloured faeces, when teased out seemed to be most undigested grass.(Photo 2). From size and colour could this be a Mink. The site is on a culvert over a stream. Why would it be eating grass?

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If you have a tender stomach don't read on!

I don't think this is faeces, I think you have been teasing out the sick from a dog!

My dogs will eat grass then sick it up and it looks just like your photo. It could be another animal, I'm sure dogs are not the only ones to eat grass to make themselves sick. Almost impossible to say what did do it.

Graham Banwell

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This area is a popular location for dog walking.
Part of my interest in visiting this location is to see how much or how little wild animal activity occurs at this location, in the light of the number of dogs and cats about. The other part is to complete a qualifying survey for the Open University S159 course.