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Razor shell

Observed: 12th June 2011 By: PhilT69PhilT69’s reputation in InvertebratesPhilT69’s reputation in InvertebratesPhilT69’s reputation in Invertebrates

Empty shell at low tide on the sands.They are vertical, just under the sand surface when alive, with an opening to allow food in from the sea above.

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Its hard to tell

Its certainly a razor shell but its hard to tell which one. To get the right identity you relly need to see both the hinge and the extent to which the shell curves. I'm afraid thats not really clear from the image. It dosn't really seem curvy enough for E.ensis; it could be either E.arcuatus or E siliqua.

Mike Kendall

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Thanks, Mike -

you can tell I havent done any study of these yet!

Phil T.