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Lizard in Strathconon

Observed: 17th July 2007 By: mikeprotts
Lizard in Strathconon

This photo has a lizard just to left of centre, taken at probably 400m above sea level in the Scottish Highlands, July 2007.
Estimate length seven inches.
The photo was taken with a simple digital camera, no chance to focus or prepare shot as the target moves too fast! I'd be interested in a positive ID, and also how common are lizards at these heights in Scotland?

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Viviparous Lizard occur right

Viviparous Lizard occur right up to northern Scandinavia and throughout UK. The only other 'conventional' lizard in uk, sand lizard, only occurs in south of England (even though its European range extends up to southern Scandinavia as far north as Scotland). Slow worms which are also lizards but look more like snakes also occur in Scotland and have been reported quite often on ispot.
There are various other lizards that occasionally occur in UK as escapes, for example a small population of wall lizards were present near my office for a year or so after being transported there in builders containers that came in from southern europe.