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Ladybird pupa

Observed: 21st June 2011 By: SarahJaneThompsonSarahJaneThompson’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Bright orange ladybird pupa hanging on the edge of a leaf. I think the shed skin is on the leaf below. There are lots of Harlequin larvae and adults on the same tree and a few 2-spots. I observed a cream-spot on there last week and wondered if this was a cream-spot pupa? Probably another Harlequin though!
Took another photo 3 hours later and it's changed colour considerably so I now think it's a harlequin!

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Yes, Harlequin - the second

Yes, Harlequin - the second photo shows the bifurcating pale spines on the shed skin characteristic of the species. Cream-spot is smaller and darker, and has much larger lateral spines on the abdomen

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