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Horrible maggot things plus cobwebs

Observed: 19th June 2011 By: Nicky Wallace
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On closer inspection they look hairless and with the web,maybe a Ermine moth caterpillar,type would be determined if we know the plant which looks like a defoliated shrub,sapling,what's your thought's LordMuzzy.


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Hi, the early instar of the peacock caterpillar start off small hairless and brown and develop into the larger black spikey/hairy late instar phase before pupation.

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They were hairless and brown.

They were hairless and brown. The plant is/was a nettle. I'll go back and have another look tomorrow and see if I can get an updated image

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I'm sure those are not

I'm sure those are not Peacock caterpillars, but neither are they 'horrible maggot things'!!!

Sarah Patton

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Have just been back: they have now moved down the nettle plant to a lower leaf and have become black spiky caterpillars, so I think the ID is correct :)