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Observed: 26th December 2009 By: DavidHowdon
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Wingtag on this bird indicates that it is a male released in 2004 as part of the Northern Kites project and named Flame (by a local school).

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Look out for similarly marked birds.

It's interesting to hear about the history of this bird - and that it has been given a name.

Anyone who sees birds that are marked with wing tags (or coloured rings) can report them via this website - and will then receive similar information about the birds past (you need to give the correct information; eg number/lettering and colour of a tag or ring, or combination of coloured rings, including which leg they are on and which colours are on top/bottom ).

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I confess an interest in this

I confess an interest in this bird, 'twas I who put on those very wing tags and his (he is a male) back-pack radio transmitter (just discernible in Dave's first photograph). 'Flame is an old friend of mine. I drove him to the northeast from his birth place in the Chilterns, looked after him when he was but a baby and now see him on a regular basis, sometimes over my house. Furthermore, he nests with his 'missus' (Ruby) about 8oom from where I live, and I have ringed and wing-tagged at least one of his babies.
If you want to know more about Flame and all of his kite compadres in the Northeast of England, visit the Northern Kites Project's excellent website at www.northern.kites.org.uk and you will be able to find out his whole 'back-story'.
By the way, he was adopted by a local primary school (Highfield Community Primary in Rowlands Gill, Tyne & Wear) in summer 2004, shortly after his release. To show his gratitude he took up local residence and in 2006, when the old school was due for closure, and the new school site was being excavated, Flame lent the whole process his seal of approval by habitually foraging for worms on the newly excavated ground that the ‘new' school now stands on. Furthermore, he (or one of his buddies') attended the official opening of the new school, flying amongst the balloons released to celebrate the opening! How brilliant is that?

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