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Bramble growth

Observed: 13th June 2011 By: DavidHowdon
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Any thoughts on what has caused this rather odd pattern of growth on bramble. Perhaps mechanical damage?

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I think it may be a virus of sort's,will look into it further and see if I can find anything.I have seen something similar on Raspberry canes


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Intend to look it up in the galls guide next time I am at my local nature reserve - might be in that.

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Nothing in galls

Couldn't find anything in the galls book. So perhaps it is viral.

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Leading theory (based on comments on the UKWildlife group - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ukwildlife/) is that this is caused by the use of Glyphosate near by to control Japanese Knotweed.

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I would concur

I've seen similar results on brambles sprayed with glyphosate.