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Weird insect


Could anyone please identify this weird insect we spotted flying around our garden?

I have uploaded a video of it investigating a raw plug on our wall to youtube . . .




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It's a parasitic wasp,

It's a parasitic wasp, probably 'Gasteruption jaculator'.

Nights are for dreaming. Days are for making them happen!

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Gasteruption jaculator

I agree with Jason, its a female Gasteruption, probably G. jaculator which is the commonest of the species with a long ovipositor. It parasitises hole nesting bees, and they can commonly be seen probing holes at this time of year to see if there are suitable hosts present.

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Thank You

Thank you to both Jason and David for identifying it for me. That looks exactly like it. We had never seen anything that looked quiet so weird looking in our garden!


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it is possible to put videos

it is possible to put videos as links for observations so you can make an observation and either just do a screen grab of part of the video or just paste the url of the video into the comments e.g.