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Carrion Crow

Observed: 11th January 2010 By: RHomanRHoman’s reputation in BirdsRHoman’s reputation in BirdsRHoman’s reputation in Birds
Carrion Crow

A wary visitor to the garden, taking sunflower seeds from the lawn. The slightest movement in the house sent it and its mate off. Here is a distant shot of the bird in a typical cawing posture.

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Carrion Crow

The back view does not provide diagnostic details.

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cawing crow

... but the observation that it is in the cawing posture does!

Bob Ford

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Picky, but I agree with Exobasidium...

It is being very picky, but I would have to agree that neither the photo, or the additional comments, eliminates the possibility that the bird is a Rook (although I am certain that the correct identificatin has been made!).
The 'cawing' would be a decription that could fit the sound (and associated posture) of either species, and the mention of a 'heavy bill' is a subjective assessment - 'heavy' compared to what?

I'm going to give my agreement anyway because I believe that the description was meant to suggest that the bird had the heavy bill of a Carrion Crow, as compared to the less heavy bill of a Rook!