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Meg's roe deer

Observed: 29th May 2011 By: Nicky WallaceNicky Wallace’s reputation in Mammals

We found this skull lying in a field - no sign of a torso nearby.

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Roe deer

This is a young (around six months old) roe deer.

The indications of age are:

- no wear on molars/pre-molars (less than 10 months old).

- only one molar (six - 12 months).

- incisors emerging (over three months) but not fully emerged (less than 18 months).

- Third pre-molar has three cusps (baby tooth replaced by two cusped permanent tooth by 18-24 months.

Graham Banwell

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Thanks for all the details - my daughter will be thrilled. AND you managed that from an upside-down image (sorry)

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wow indeed

I can't provide that sort of information, but the lack of torso could be due to the skull being moved by a predator ?fox or badger or possibly a large bird such as a buzzard.Just a thought.

Alan Edwards