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Curious Sparrowhawk kill

Observed: 27th December 2009 By: jonty

Remains of a (presumably) a Sparrowhawk kill in my suburban garden. I'm surprised that a Sparrowhawk would take a Kestrel, I'm even more surprised that a Kestrel would be in my garden. Newton records it as an infrequent prey species of Sparrowhawk

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The kill is not a Kestrel. I

The kill is not a Kestrel. I doubt the killer was a Sparrowhawk, but rather a mammal.

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A fox left a pheasant's wing

A fox left a pheasant's wing outside our door at work, which looked very similar to the above.

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pheasants wing.

I think toosietims suggestion is a good one,it does look like the wing of a hen pheasant.I think a kestrels wing would be proportionately longer and narrower.Urophoras suggestion of a mammal killer is more likely too.



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dead bird

Yes, I'd go for pheasant as well. Or chicken.

Bob Ford

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I agree it looks like a female pheasants wing. Not a sparrowhawk kill.