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Can anyone help me identify this bird?

Observed: 10th January 2010 By: pinkbookfairy
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A flock of 8 or 9 of these birds landed in my relative's garden in Plymouth this morning.

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Bird ID

Almost certain its a Redwing ( Turdus iliacus ). I have recently noticed them in N Devon as well. see pics

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Redwings everywhere at the moment?

The key features are that it is a bit like a songthrush but has a cream stripe over the eye. You can also see some of the red beneath the wing area.

Lots in Northern Ireland at present, but we are thawing out a bit so there is access to grass, leaflitter etc.

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They are...

We have loads down here in Cornwall at the moment as well. But always a pleasure to see....

Sam, Student.

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Redwings everywhere;

Lots down in southern Ireland as well,about 12 arrived last week and devoured every cotoneaster berry that was to be seen on a huge cotoneaster horizontalis that covers my henhouse,over a 3-4 day period.Two waxwings were present for 2 days but left when berries ran out.



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REdwings in Balbriggan

I managed a half-decent Redwing photo the other day (see when I spotted a few feeding amnong leaf litter in my garden. We're by the coast in North County Dublin so there was little frost.
there are still some around.

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With the Redewings have come Fieldfares and Lapwings. I have never seen so many of each. I know the Bird watchers (or the ones I have spoken to) down here in Cornwall are excited by the numbers, especially the Lapwings.

Sam, Student.

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Unfortunately spotted a dead Fieldfare whilst walking the coastal path by High Cliff [Boscastle to Crackington Haven] yesterday. Also noticed numerous living Fieldfare and Redwings plus a large flock or two of Lapwing [20 strong] moving south and 20+ Gannets doing their thing. It was a really enjoyable walk apart from the dead bird.