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Unknown things

Observed: 17th June 2011 By: MatthewGirlingMatthewGirling’s reputation in InvertebratesMatthewGirling’s reputation in InvertebratesMatthewGirling’s reputation in Invertebrates
Unknown things (1)
Unknown things (1) 1

Small (<10mm) brown circles attached to a bay tree trunk with silky stuff.

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Horse-Chestnut Scale, very

Horse-Chestnut Scale, very bad infestatiions this year in parts of Leicester; Sycamore & Tilias in particular, but many other trees can be affected.


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Thanks. Is it an egg or type


Is it an egg or type of coccoon? Also, are they harmful to the tree?


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Horse- Chestnut Scale

In the white fluff is the egg mass which is also protected by the exoskeleton of the dead female. Young will hatch, move over the tree the ultimately settle and become static. Once mature, eggs will be produced.
Anything which sucks sap is likely to be detrimental, reducing sugar etc, they also produce sticky Honeydew which makes plants unsightly. Trees dont appear to suffer,though smaller shrubs may from a heavy infestaion.
Ants do appear to attend them for the honeydew sugars.