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Observed: 5th June 2011 By: gjbmb1946gjbmb1946’s reputation in Invertebratesgjbmb1946’s reputation in Invertebrates

My wife and I were at Great Ovens Hill, Dorset on the 5 June when we saw this fly holding a damselfly that it had either captured or found already dead.

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Prey is female Common Blue Damselfy, Enallagma cyathigerum. Shame!

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To be honest, i don't understand the remarks by Malcolm. Based on what is this an unknown species for Europe? And what would "further investigation" entail, is creature collected or are there more and better pictures?

Two things might lead to some doubt if only read from a book and based on a rather poor picture.

Shape of the hypopygium and wingvenation. Important things but not very good visible on this picture. (The male genitalia very often are misshapen after mating.)Everything in the wing fits exept for some parts that are not clearly visible because of the angle that is a bit awkward the light and the quality of the picture itself.

In colour, posture (including slightly spread wings, a jizz for Dysmachus t.) chaetotaxy, proportion, all fits Dysmachus trigonus. You can compare with the following picture: http://waarneming.nl/foto/view/5125805

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how to get rid of a double

how to get rid of a double