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Observed: 5th June 2011 By: Dawn LeonardDawn Leonard’s reputation in Mammals
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Brilliant photo (for two reasons)

I'm going for wood mouse because, although you are in yellow-neck country, I think you can see (especially if you zoom in) the 'spot' of colour on this little mouse's chest. If I'm right, this photo will become an important ID aid for me as I don't think I've seen one yet on iSpot that shows this marking so clearly.
The photo is also fantastic for it's artistic/cuteness factor - you must enter it in some competition!

Gill Sinclair
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Interesting mouse

First, this is so cute!

When I first saw it; big ears and eyes, prominent orange spot on the chest I thought - Yipee! a definite yellow-necked mouse.

However, as Gill says, when you blow it up you can see the yellow is only a, all be it large, spot on the chest; there are no signs of it spreading the width of the chest.

I think this is a young wood mouse which has not fully grown, hence the disproportionate eyes and ears. The clean, new pelage could also account for the vivid colour of the chest spot.

Graham Banwell

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