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Observed: 9th January 2010 By: miked
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What happens to moles on the floodplain when the river floods?
Mole hills pushed up through the snow.

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Moles on floodplains

Moles are very sensative to any changes to moisture etc. in the soil. We see the crude changes when a river floods, however, they can sense the increases due to raised water tables and would move to higher ground before the river flooded. Even so I'm sure many will drown, caught out by fast rising water or trapped in collapsing burrows.

Though an allegorical fantasy novel with talking moles, Duncton Wood by William Horwood is worth a read; much of the more natural behaviour he writes about is accurate. I only mention it because part of the Duncton Wood burrow system floods in teh story.

Graham Banwell

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