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Skull 001

Observed: 7th June 2011 By: bobpeters
skull ? seabird

Lightweight. Measures 9cmm x 5cm x5cm. Found on seashore strandline, Isle of Skye.

    Likely ID
    a bird (Aves)
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
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    • the naturalist man
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This is the sternum or keel of a small seabird. In fact it is almost certainly a puffin. Note the rear (right hand end) of the bone; there are two notches. All three common auks (puffin, razorbill and guillemot) have the lower notch but only the puffin has two - actually the upper one (in the photo) is a hole not a notch but part of the bone has broken off.

Graham Banwell

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