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Unknown insect

Observed: 14th June 2011 By: valiantveggievaliantveggie’s reputation in Invertebrates
unknown insect - any ideas?

Spotted on my balcony the other day. Any ideas what it is?

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This one is a female (the male has no red on it at all). Despite being a parasitoid in the nests of Mason-bees, these are still classed as aculeate wasps and are not lumped with the Parasitica (Ichneumonids, Braconids, Chalcids etc)

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is not a real group anymore, since it's paraphyletic, it's just a handy informal name for Apocrita with the exclusion of aculeates.

Aculeates are in fact primitively parasitic, and a lot more of them are parasitoids than is commonly realised, bethylids, dryinids, embolemids, some chrysidids and cleptoparasites such as most of the chrysidids for example. These deserve much greater study in the British fauna as they have been overlooked for their more conspicuous/glamorous cousins, the apoid/vespoid bees wasps and ants.