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Bedding plant?

Observed: 12th June 2011 By: poppetpoppet’s reputation in Plants
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as a part of seasonal bedding scheme in a bed on a street. Not sure if it's an annual or perennial.

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Have checked it - is a half hardy annual

according to a couple of books I have looked in (gardening not botanical).Think it is because I think it is a bit slow or needs to have some extra heat to grow it.Having said that my neighbour has given me some large plants.

Hazel Trevan

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thanks corylus. looks like it

thanks corylus. looks like it is now called hassleriana instead of spinosa (much prefer spinosa, just because slightly easier to remember)...

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Think this is the cultivar Cleome sesquiorgyalis 'Helen Cambell' which is white.

David J Trevan