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Evernia Prunastri

Observed: 14th December 2009 By: sb24599sb24599’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
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Grey green lichen with 'stag's antlers' growing happily next to Flavoparmelia. Found in an apple tree in my garden.


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Good branch to look at

I think this is oak moss as you say (branched, flattened, thickish, some soredia), with a good view of the leafy lichen as well - wish I had a tree like this in the garden!

There is a hint of orange so I guess there is also Xanthoria, and I was wondering if you had physcia further left. Any shots of the other species?


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Evernia Prunatri

I didn't notice the orange until you mentioned it Dave. Unfortunately we are still under snow so I can't check it out yet but I will do when I can. It was worth magnifying the photo and glad you notice tha orange in the shot. I found at least 6 different lichens on my apple trees, and other lichens on stone/pebbles, but finding the time to identify/post all on ispot at the moment is difficult. However, I will try. My garden is part of an old orchard with lovely apple trees which were once cordoned and so are still quite small. We have never sprayed the trees (we have lived with them for 24 years)with anything, which may go some way to explain why we have such lovely lichen. I can't believe I never spotted the lichen before I joined OU!

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There's a Punctelia to the

There's a Punctelia to the right of the Evernia but you'll need to check the colour of the under surface to get closer to a species ID.

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Evernia Prunastri

Thank you for your observation Jenny. I'll look up Punctelia this evening.