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Observed: 17th December 2009 By: sb24599sb24599’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
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Greyish green with broad lobes, some wrinkled surface with powdery spots


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Probably correct

The photograph in OPAL is not a good match, but there is so much variability that I never trust one site (particularly as I am a beginner in this area).

There are some much better pictures on
and I think they probably do confirm your ID.

Was the underside dark coloured as OPAl suggests?

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Thankyou for your comment. I took my photo in December and in my enthusiasm forgot to look at the underside and I'm grateful that you have bought my attention to this. We are under some inches of snow at the moment so I am unable to check for the time being. I looked at quite a few lichen sites to come to my decision. However, once the snow has gone I will hopefully be able to look at the underside. It will be interesting to see if the lichen survive the snow. Thankyou also for the irishlichen web address. I too am a beginner.