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Physcia tenella ?

Observed: 27th November 2009 By: sb24599sb24599’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
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light green in colour with narrow small pipe-like growths similar to some sea coral. Growing on an old apple tree.


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More likely not to be Physcia

There don't seem to be enough clear little branches for this to be like the physcias that I have seen, and the large mass of powdery surfaces don't seem to fit with the usual pattern of swollen lobe ends or scattered soredia on the surface. P tenella is not very likely to have fruiting bodies, though I have seen a few - but never as many as here.

Don't know the Cladonias, and the Cladonia photo in the OPAL guide seems to be quite misleading, but there is a wide range of good pictures on the Irish Lichens website. I was uncomfortable with the powdery bases again,though the jam tarts look a bit more consistent with some Cladonias. Are the "stems" up to the jam tarts also powdery? And what do the actual lobes look like?


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physcia tenella

Hi Dave, thankyou for your comment. I am unable to get revisit this lichen due to the amount of snow. However, I have tried to magnify this photo which may go some way to answer your questions. I am posting a magnified version as a separate observation and welcome your comments. I am a beginner here and happy to learn.

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Gardener's ID is likely to be correct

Gardener is an authority on lichens - have a look at her suggestion and see if it fits