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Nuts in faeces

Observed: 28th May 2011 By: par324
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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28.5.nut in poo
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The length of this object is approx. 20mm. Would a squirrel ingest part of the nut shell? Squirrels are active in the trees above where this was found. Alternatively would a badger ingest a nut and pass the shell?

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This is just plain weird! Do you have a photo of the faeces? I could identify that. Could you, at least, describe it and where it was found?

I have never heard of squirrels eating a whole nut, also at 2cm it is somewhat large for a squirrel to pass (crossed eyes at the thought of it!).

If you know there are badgers in the area I'd go more for that than squirrel.

Graham Banwell

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Nuts in feaces

Thank you cabbagleek for the correction. I had no idea that galls would form a solid that would detach from the host tree. The item was found under an oak tree.