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Fresh mole activity

Observed: 14th May 2011 By: par324
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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14.5.xx_.moles hill route

Fresh line of mole hills found 06:00 hrs. Site is adjacent to regular transect.

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Mole hills

Am I right in thinking these are following a point where the slope changes and a footpath?

Moles follow the least line of resistance, using their whiskers to feel for air movement through the soil. I suspect the soil to the right (upslope) is too dense or shallow and the soil to the left wet?

Think like a mole, they want soil that is not to clay (dense) or sand (too loose); not too wet or dry; and not too shallow. Knowing the area, have you any ideas why they have followed such a straight line, i.e. why the land each side is apparently not suitable.

Graham Banwell

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Fresh mole activity

Graham, you are correct in guessing that the land to the right of the line is more solid. There is a rolled hoggin path out of shot.