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Observed: 25th April 2011 By: valiantveggievaliantveggie’s reputation in Invertebrates

A "spider like" insect found lurking in vegetation on my balcony. Is it a spider? If so, which species?

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cast skin

This looks like the skin a spider leaves behind when it moults.

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Hi Valient Veggie,

I was wondering if it might be a shed spider skin too. If you are wondering if something is a spider, as well as looking for the obvious 8 legs, you will also see what looks like two body parts - like a main body (the abdomen) and a head (which is a fused thorax and head - called the cephalothorax).

Like other invertebrates, spiders have exoskeletons on the outside of their bodies, they need to shed this skeleton in order to grow.

Have a closer look at your creature and see if it really is an animal, or is the shed 'skin'.

Good luck! Sal

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|Thanks for the ID. Fascinating to know this as I'd never realised spiders shed their skin. I guess this explains why it wasn't moving then! ;)