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Unknown Moth-2

Observed: 4th June 2011 By: Tranquility BasedTranquility Based’s reputation in InvertebratesTranquility Based’s reputation in Invertebrates
Unknown Moth-2
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If you reclassify this as an invertebrate rather than "other organism" more invert experts will see it and confirm or correct the ID.

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Mottled Beauty ID

Thank you David - very fast ID! Having researched other variations, I think you may be correct but I'm still sceptical.

I caught what was definitely a Mottled Beauty on the same night, but this differs to a large degree - not least a marked dark green tinge to the overall colour.

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Brussels Lace ID

Thank you Debbie for your comments - I'm going with your ID having looked into it. I spent too long looking at the Carpet Moths and failed to see this one!

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To put this into Invertebrates, where others will see it and the "Likely ID" system will work, just click on the "Edit" tab, above, and change the "Group", choosing "Invertebrates" from the drop-down list. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Save.

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