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Large Fruit Bat (Maldives) flying in the day

Observed: 23rd August 2004 By: belton.mattbelton.matt’s reputation in Mammalsbelton.matt’s reputation in Mammals
Large Fruit Bat (Maldives) Hanging
Large Fruit Bat (Maldives) Hanging 1
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Only mammals on the Islands?

Thanks Naturalist man

I think I'm right in saying that the Fruit bat (2 species in the maldives) are the Island's only mammals...they therefore provide the best option for pollenation of plants etc...

By the same token however, whilst on the verge of common, they also pose a threat to crops there so they are looking at ways to manage the population.

Matt Belton
Amateur spotter - Norfolk
Natural swimming-pond owner

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Fruit bats

There are two flying fox (fruit bats) species on the Maldives the Indian flying fox (aka greater fruit bat) (Pteropus giganteus) and the island flying fox (Pteropus hypomelanus). Your photo clearly shows the bat has a dark face indicating it is the Indian flying fox, the other has a pale face and chest.

As far as I can tell there are no sub-species (ariel is an old species name for these bats); however, for I'd be surprised if there were not for such a widespread animal. Normally though the IUCN red data list indicates the status of sub-species and it does not list any.

Graham Banwell

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