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Brown spider eating green insect

Observed: 14th June 2011 By: R3beccafR3beccaf’s reputation in InvertebratesR3beccaf’s reputation in Invertebrates
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I've listed this as a spider observation, but I'd be interested to know what the fly is as well.
I initially thought it was a lacewing, but the wings don't look right.


No identification made yet.

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Wouldn't like to say on the

Wouldn't like to say on the spider, but the prey is an aphid - a Hemipteran, not a fly

Record your ladybird sightings!

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My best guess

If the spider is still there have a look at its back.
If it has a cross on it is will be a garden cross spider and it looks like it is eating a greenfly.
It will be a youngster as they get quite a bit bigger before they breed.