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Red-green Carpet moth

Observed: 6th January 2010 By: Rob ColemanInvertebrates expert
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Shaken from hibernation spot during scrub clearance work

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Gorgeous photo Rob - well worth clicking through to see it at original size, every scale is visible!

How did you find it in these sub-zero temperatures, was it moth-trapped or did you defrost it from a snow-drift somewhere? Had a report of two moths flying into a Berkshire moth-trap at -6 degrees the other day.

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I was suprised to see this

I was suprised to see this autumn-flying moth, but I've now learned the females overwinter December-Feb before emerhing again for a second flight period from March-May (...sounds like a good idea!)

Rob Coleman

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Super image Rob, one species

Super image Rob, one species I was planning to record (for the first time) in recent weeks but the moths havent played ball. That is a beauty.