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Unknown Plant

Observed: 21st May 2011 By: GT20
Plant 1

Could you please identify this plant. It appeared in our garden as a single shoot about 3 months ago and has grown into this. We have no idea what it could be.

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Caper Spurge

Thanks for the ID. I have read some facts about it and found it produces latex which can be poisonous. It has now gone to the great garden in the sky.

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Like you I found one in my

Like you I found one in my garden. When I found it was called Caper Spurge I did think about pickling the fruits... until, also like you, I discovered that they are poisonous... warns "Ingestion of caper spurge buds can cause burning of the mouth, nausea, paleness, irregular pulse, dizziness, delirium and fainting"... and I'm not even that keen on normal capers!